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The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada

Light The Night Walk – Campaign, generic 2013

In 2013, recipe the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada approached Spin Design Solutions to establish a fresh visual identity for the organization’s Light the Night Walk, ambulance an annual evening of solidarity and hope in which survivors and supporters come together to raise donations and awareness around blood cancer research and patient services. With that, Why We Walk was born.

The campaign, focusing on the Light the Night Walk’s community of walkers, would focus on participants while also driving further awareness. Our first step in developing the visual identity entailed incorporating a unifying symbol of the walk: a illuminated lantern.

Each year, when participants set out, they all hold their own lanterns. Supporters (e.g. researchers and friends and family of those affected by blood cancers) carry red ones, those walking in memory of a lost loved one carry gold, and blood cancer patients and survivors carry white. These three different coloured balloons formed the basis of our aesthetic.

But we also wanted to put a personal face on a disease that attacks blindly. We did that by including real people – those touched personally by blood cancer – into our advertising materials.

Once this look was established, it informed every aspect of our integrated campaign, which featured print materials, digital assets, and out-of-home advertising. Moreover, it set the tone for the campaign’s centerpiece, the new microsite WhyWeWalk.ca.

With this microsite, we created an online place where participants could share their stories and reinforce and celebrate their connection to one another. This interactive piece quickly became popular in the blood cancer community, generating an ongoing online dialogue.

A comprehensive process, we designed the site with ease of use and aesthetic cleanliness in mind. We created a comprehensive user experience that allowed for uploading videos and images.

Throughout, we placed crowd-sourced images and stories within campaign artwork and text posts. Once uploaded, we provided users with a printable PDF of their images and campaign artwork. This created a vibrant online community within a dynamic, constantly evolving site.

Not only did Why We Walk campaign draw widespread attention and inspire high participation rates, it also directly informed the brand’s overall aesthetic, with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society integrating the WhyWeWalk.ca mycosis into The Light The Night Campaign website. www.lightthenight.ca/view-stories/

Cutthroat Shaving Company

Cutthroat Shaving – Packaging, 2014

Cutthroat Shaving founder, Amber Nice, is a modern woman with an old school?approach. She believes that masculinity is being hindered by mainstream shaving?products – all the gels and creams and plastic-packaged razors that are?currently available. She wanted to restore manliness to shaving with a new line?of aftershave, beard oil, shampoo bars, and shave soaps. The brand’s look needed?to be similarly manly and unapologetic, without unnecessary flourishes.??To help define the brand, we created a complete packaging solution for the?entire line of handmade shaving products. First, we drew inspiration from the?classic barbershop look, using a similar colour set as well as traditional?stripes.??To distinguish different products, we added saturated colour that would match?the intensity of the brand identity. Ultimately, the goal was to be loud,?aggressive, and bold. Currently, the shaving industry relies heavily on a?mixture of dull and organic colour sets. We went the other way entirely.??We did face one hurdle, in that initial budgetary constraints meant packaging?soaps and shampoo bars in the same boxes. To establish variance, we created a?simple tag system. The result of our approach is a cohesive, strong new brand?that is simultaneously modern and classic, boundary pushing and instantly?recognizable.

This aesthetic was so successful that we were subsequently commissioned to incorporate it into an ecommerce website, tradeshow booth, and various promotional materials, both online and in print. It is a vital part of the brand’s essence.

Anthony Road Winery

Anthony Road Winery – Packaging, 2013

Anthony Road Winery in the Finger Lakes area of New York State has been creating great wines for the past 25 years. While its vintages continue to grow in popularity, its aesthetic needed a refresher. Anthony Road turned to Spin Design for a solution.

Previously, Anthony Road used a high-gloss, thin-coated label, which lacked finish and felt dated. We set out to create a look that was at once clean and contemporary, with the aim to increase sales internationally, elevate price, and reflect the extraordinary quality of wine.

To accomplish this, we began with an abstract, modern image of a cross-section of a grape, which could be rendered in different colour schemes depending on the type of wine. Next, we employed a traditional typography for the vineyard’s mission statement in order to encapsulate its long history. However, to create a compelling contrast we used a contemporary san serif font for the vintage date and varietal type.

This was all emblazoned on a wrap label – an uncommon choice amongst local competitors that reduced costs by eliminating the need for a back label. Additionally, we used a thick felt stock and spot varnish, giving the label an air of richness.

The new label has a deliberately tactile look, encouraging consumers to pick up bottles and interact with them. Moreover, the wrap label entices people who have picked up a bottle to read it in its entirety.

Since the rebranding, Anthony Road wines have seen increased sales, both internationally and throughout the Finger Lakes, and enjoyed an elevated brand presence.

Rainhard Brewing Company

Rainhard Brewing – Logo, 2014

Toronto based startup brewery, Rainhard Brewing Co. specializes in toeing the?line between classic ales and experimental new beers, pushing boundaries with?an aim to not only appease yet ultimately delight a diverse selection of “hop?heads.”??Driven by head brewer Jordan Rainhard’s love of punk music, Spin Design?Solutions set out to craft a fittingly tough and unique look. Furthermore, we?took inspiration from the brewery’s location – an industrial space and locale?with a bit of a hip grunge feel to it – and its approach – organic and free?flowing.??To encapsulate all of the above, we started with a hand-drawn base before?fine-tuning it in the digitizing process. Ultimately, we created a black and?white template to act as a jumping off point for various colour versions – each?denoting a different variety of beer. Like the beers it represents, the result?is bold, different, and memorable; a seamless mix of natural elements and a?vaguely industrial feel.

Once the logo was in place, we integrated the design into all aspects of Rainhard’s brand identity, including the website, packaging, brewery interior, outdoor tents, tap handles, and even coasters.

Klahanie Developments

Klahanie Developments – Investor Brochure, 2008

Seeking investors for a proposed five-star resort in British Columbia, property developer, Klahanie Developments, needed a brochure that would resonate with a discerning audience, drive engagement, and open up partnership opportunities.

Given that potential investors are inundated with similar propositions, this brochure needed to stand out in a crowded space. The target included both Canadian and international investors.

Spin Design Solutions, working closely with CJ Graphics, developed a sophisticated look employing a hand-etched, multi-level dye, and a blind embossed texture. Paired with a copper-foiled logo and copper-exposed stitched binding, this created a refined aesthetic for the brochure’s exterior.

Inside, readers would discover pages that used crosshatching as a subtle background texture, classic serif typography, and small ornamental details that encouraged prolonged reading. While CG renderings have been popular lately, we opted instead for pastel and watercolour renderings in order to stand out. Furthermore, the last page of the brochure was dye cut to allow the inclusion of personalized letters and documents.

Finally, we created a complementary website with public-facing pages and exclusive, bespoke investors’ pages designed with specific users in mind and only accessible via custom login.

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