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Hands Annual Report micro-site, 2015

Our partnership with Hands pushed us to change the way we approached new projects. Starting from research straight through launch, the incorporation of every methodical detail was intended to communicate with viewers in a variety of formats. Our goal: to design an information heavy platform that families, friends and partners could easily use and understand.

K&T Port-A-John

Port-A-John brochure, 2015

K&T Port-A-John presented us an opportunity to get down and dirty in an industry that certainly has it’s own… uniqueness. The challenges included incredibly limited financial resources and a tight turn around period. The result? A clever printed element that showcased the ‘lighter’ side of the organization, with a clever tagline directly referencing the business… “Customer service is our #1 and #2 priority.” This granted their trade show area a visually engaging, freestanding piece of collateral that caught both the customers eye and attention. We were honoured to hear our creativity helped make the event a success. They sent a personalized thank you that reminded us that sometimes it’s the smaller pieces that can mean the most. No pun intended.

Northern Bone

Northern Bone branding, 2014

Northern Bone’s vision for developing a recognizable brand with various outreach requirements allowed us to make effective use of our integrated services. From design to print and web development, we’ve had the pleasure of ensuring that their owners were both connected, but also given the freedom to lend creative insight during each step of the creative process. Our client’s vision was brought to life.

Caisse populaire North Bay Limitée

Oui Love Money campaign, 2012

Sofa Communications was tasked with starting a high-profile, high-visibility advocacy campaign on behalf of Caisse populaire North Bay (one of our regional financial institutions). This campaign allowed our agency to flex our creative muscle as well as our bilingual capabilities, ensuring that both anglophone and francophone communities were engaged effectively. Using a long term integrated marketing approach, this become one of Caisse populaire North Bay’s most successful marketing efforts over the last 8 years. Since then, our organization has started a much larger partnership with their primary institution – L’Alliance des caisses populaires de l’Ontario.

Trans Canada

Ultimate Kitchen website, 2015

Ultimate Kitchen’s website was designed with simplicity in mind. With the use of bright and colourful imagery, we were able to create a website that is visibly appealing but easy to use – while building brand recognition. Our goal was to create an experience that was as pleasurable as the mouth-watering foods depicted throughout the website. Following modern web design trends, we developed an engaging user experience with the use of a hidden, fly-out menu, which entices the user to navigate through the website at a leisurely pace.

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