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Studio – Ontario Horseshoe (L postal code)

General Electric

GE Typographic Walls and Posters, 2012

GE invited Riordon to design typographic walls in their newly constructed Global Innovation Structure. After designing the typographic walls with interplaying words and phrases in five different languages – recessed and embossed on four separate wall panels – the scope of the work soon expanded to include backlit typographic headers, a frosted wave pattern for glass walls and doors throughout the building, wayfinding signage and three illuminated poster displays. The outcome stretched imagination and application, and remains a unique highlight of the state-of-the-art facility.

Academy of Country Music

Academy of Country Music Awards, 2005

Through an arduous selection process in which 59 contenders from across the U.S. were narrowed to 16 and then one, Riordon was chosen to design this “Grammy” of the American country music industry. Distinct objectives were given, such as “grip-ability”, scale, weight, visibility on TV and future animation potential, while maintaining a sophisticated, simple, timeless and contemporary aesthetic. The final award, a stylized cowboy hat, continues to be used throughout the awards show, in opening sequences, screen transitions, graphics and set design.

Context with Lorna Dueck

Context Naming, Branding and Interior, 2011

Work for Canadian journalist and media personality, Lorna Dueck’s new show, began with naming. The name “Context” served to clarify the intent of the program, and co-branding with Lorna’s name and a new tagline made it complete. The brand identity features a customized font placed in a two-way speech bubble, implying conversation. The brand rollout continued to the interior space for the new office, created a complete, branded place of operation for the Context team.

Dick Clark Productions

Hollywood Film Awards, 2014

Rac Clark of Dick Clark Productions contacted our firm to design a new award for the first telecast of the Hollywood Film Awards, based on his experience working with our team on the Academy of Country Music Award. He recommended us to the show’s Executive Producer and several other decision-makers. Four clichéd ideas were presented to us: a director’s chair/megaphone, a vintage film camera, a classic tripod movie set spotlight and a film slate. To address our concern with the overuse of literal elements, we researched existing awards and developed rationales for unique interpretations of the film industry. The results were presented as 3D animated renderings on a private microsite along with our research and rationales.

Ric Riordon

Fussy Gardener Website, 2015

The Fussy Gardener brand began as a pitch for a television series and has evolved into an online blog and social hub for Riordon Principal Ric Riordon’s gardening projects. Taking advantage of current web technology and social media solutions, we adapted the original brand to a modern, responsive environment where large, high-quality photography and videos could be featured and shared across platforms and devices.

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