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Wellness Network

Wellness Network Logo, treat 2013

The Wellness Network Edmonton is a not-for-profit website, page a program of The Support Network, and funded by Alberta Health Services. It offers options to users for promoting, re-balancing and maintaining personal wellness. Users can take a quiz to see which of 7 areas in their life they are balanced in, and which areas are lacking balance and could use some attention.

We worked with The Support Network to develop the logo for the website. The icon uses an abstract shape and cheerful colors to give a casual, comfortable and approachable feel to the overall mark. The icon evokes imagery of a flower or a sun, both of which represent spring, hopefulness and renewal. Each colour selected for the logo also represents one of the 7 dimensions the Wellness Network offers support.

The serif typeface used for the word “wellness” creates a personal and approachable feel, which is contrasted by the sans serif typeface used for the word “network.” The sans serif type creates a feeling of structure and confidence, which represents the wealth of information and professional help available on the website.
Not only was the project a success, it was great working with such a worthwhile organization and helping them make an impact on other people’s lives. With its playful bursts of colour the cheerful mark begs for attention, and in 2014 the Wellness Network logo won the Design Edge Canadian Regional Awards for Logo Design in the Alberta / NWT category.

Lindisfarne Productions

Lindisfarne Productions Website, 2013

Lindisfarne Productions, a full-service video production company, wanted to update their current website in order to properly showcase their client projects, as well as provide insight into their youthful and fun corporate culture. They wanted a balanced graphical treatment that was professional and contemporary in order to appeal to their broad spectrum of clients, ranging from corporate and government accounts to not-for-profit clients. They also wanted a responsive website that would display effortlessly on all hand-held devices. For ease of use, they wanted us to create a website using a CMS (content management system) in order to update future content themselves without the help of a programmer or designer.

We saw this website as an opportunity to highlight the client’s work and shed a little light on the video production process, as most of their clients only ever see the end result and never fully grasp what it takes to get there. By including dynamic video clips on the home page and large-scale detailed photography of the video production process throughout the website, we could give viewers a glimpse into a day in the life of Lindisfarne.

The final website is informative, easy to navigate, and visually captivating. Their work is now highlighted on the home page and given more prominence in a full screen portfolio section. It tells the story of Lindisfarne Productions and their process in a unique way. It shares their energy and vibrancy, but also effectively displays their high level of professionalism and artistry.

Lindisfarne was Pure Vision’s first responsive website. The project was also the start of massive growth in our web department causing it to double in size, and acted as the catalyst for the revamp of our web design and development processes. In 2014, the Lindisfarne website won the Design Edge Canadian Regional Awards for Best Web & Mobile in the Alberta / NWT category.

Visit the website at showtellmove.com

The Support Network

The Support Network Annual Report, 2014

The Support Network is the umbrella organization that overlooks the operations of the Crisis Support Centre, 211 Edmonton, Volunteer Edmonton and the Wellness Network. They approached us with the challenge of developing their 2013 Annual Report into an engaging and concise piece that would be fun and interesting on a budget.

We went with a four-page gatefold piece to display all of the required financials and messages, which allowed us to do something different and interesting with the stats on the inside. We came up with a concept that focused on the lifespan of a person and how TSN provides services/support for every stage in one’s lifetime. We conveyed this visually using a “Game of Life” board game inspired theme and carried that throughout the piece with illustrations and type.

The client loved the final product so much that it prompted proceeding annual reports to have an illustrative style as well. The style engages readers in a fun and engaging way with tidbits of information rather than blocks of type and financials. In 2015, the Support Network brochure was nominated as a finalist in the Design Edge Canadian Regional Awards for Best in Print Marketing in the Alberta/NWT region.


&27 Campaign, 2014

&27 (Ampersand 27) is a local restaurant that came to us with a vision and wanted help bringing it to life. The restaurant and its menus are locally sourced and globally influenced, both traditional and trend-setting in nature. Chef Patron & Partner Nathin Bye went above and beyond the commitment to supporting local suppliers and artisans to the point where not only are the ingredients mostly local, but the dishes on the tables and the artwork on the walls are as well.

The branding we did is a combination of traditional and modern Canadian-designed typefaces, which perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the restaurant where refined elements are married with natural textures and finishes. Vintage woodcut illustrations were integrated throughout the menus and the website to add a quirky personality. This graphic style plays well with the custom oversized imagery featured prominently on the website to create a perfectly unique balance.

&27 was a unique client for us having never worked with a restaurant in the past. The project allowed us to use all of our skills to create a logo, custom photography, website and print materials, thus involving the entire Pure Vision team. In the past year &27 has gained a lot of attention for their unique name and approach to food. The project was also very successful at the 2015 Design Edge Canadian Regional Awards winning Best of Region, Best Web & Mobile and Best Campaign in the Alberta/NWT category.

Visit the website at ampersand27.com

Stewart Weir

Stewart Weir 100 Year Anniversary Scrapbook, 2011

2012 marked 100 years of business for Stewart Weir Group, and in celebration the client wanted to create a showpiece that celebrated their corporate history. We created a brochure in a scrapbook style that combined a traditional and modern look, to be given to all employees and prominent clients. The brochure included a timeline of events from the company’s inception to present day, as well as specialized inserts highlighting important people, events and technology that enabled the company to grow into the highly successful geomatics, engineering and environmental consulting firm it is today.

The client had an extensive collection of old photographs, stories, memories and technical information that they wanted to present in an interesting way in order to tell the story of their history. They wanted a showpiece that employees and prominent clients would be proud to own and display.

We thoroughly sorted through all of the provided content and started grouping it into categories in order to come up with a plan on how to present it chronologically and comprehensively. The nature of this information lent itself well to a scrapbook style format on an overall timeline of 100 years, broken down into important brackets of time.

The fact that this piece would ultimately be a showpiece enabled us to explore the use of a variety of page sizes and materials including transparent cover sheets marking important sections of the timeline, handmade paper collages used for highlighted inserts, a Chicago screw post binding method and custom embossing on the thick, textured cover. The use of authentic photos from each time period created a history rich viewer experience, full of character and the spirit of achievement.

The final piece garnered a lot of attention due to its unique binding, layout and design and in 2013 it was nominated as a Design Edge Canada Regional Awards Finalist for Best in Print Design in the Alberta/NWT region.

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