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Redgees Legacy Award Honourable Mention

Independent – Atlantic Canada (NS, case NB, troche PE, approved NL)

Femmes Équité Atlantique

Guide-ressource pour filles et jeunes femmes, 2010

Book details: 6” x 9”, approximately 200 pages each of three books, over 300 illustrations, wire bound, each book has a unique cover and appendix
Poster details: 9” x 17”, three different posters
Website: 8 page custom website

Services: design and concept, layout and typesetting, custom illustration, website design and development

The Femmes Équité Atlantique (FÉA) is made up of organizations that deal with women’s issues in the four Atlantic Provinces, and was created in 2004. FÉA’s mandate is to improve the socio-economic situation of Acadian and French women in the Atlantic provinces. Sadly, this organization is no longer active due to government cut-backs.

The client came to me after they had hired a graphic design company to produce their publications. The books were almost completed but the client wasn’t happy with the process and final work. At the eleventh hour, they decided to seek another design firm to salvage the project. I met with the client and understood that this project needed a designer who would make significant contributions to the project. Someone who would not just take the manuscript and slap it on a page.

The three resource books were used as hands-on workbooks for young girls and women in the Acadian and French populations in New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland. Each book consists of core pages with specific appendices for each province. A book for Nova Scotia was not produced due to political reasons. Three posters were also produced and subsequently a website for the organization that we designed.

The client was thrilled to work with a designer who could translate their vision into books that would appeal to their target audience. Filled with lots of fun drawings, bright colours, side bars, icons, and diary-type pages, the books were sought out by individuals and the client was happy to do a second print run. Sensitivity was necessary as the subject matter ie: sexual assault, was at times difficult.

An added bonus for my client was that I speak French and understand specific French typographic constraints, and dealing with French manuscripts wasn’t intimidating to me.

Client said: “Peggy nous a été de bon conseil lors de la création de notre site Internet. Il est facile à naviguer, accueillant et professionnel!” Translates to “Peggy gave us good consultation during the creation of our internet site. It is easy to navigate, accommodating and professional!


Phoenix Donor Reports, 2011

Details: Four donor reports from 2011 to 2015, each booklet 24–36 pages, various sizes, over 50 photos each

Services pro bono: design and concept, layout and typesetting, colour correction and adjustments of all photos, art direction and new custom photos, new writing based on client-supplied materials and consultation, print tendering and supervision.

Phoenix is a non-profit, community based organization located in Halifax. With the help of their donors, volunteers and community partners, Phoenix aims to meet the needs of young people aged 11–24 by providing a range of supports and services from the basic needs of food and shelter, to opportunities for personal development. Beyond those basic needs, their broad goals are to help youth achieve moments of success, create an attachment to a positive community, and empower them to believe they can change the trajectory of their lives.

For the past four years, my company has donated our time and expertise to Phoenix. We developed the concept for each donor report, then pulled it all together including writing, photography & final production. The client has been thrilled with the final reports and we are happy that we can give back to our community.

Each report has been unique in theme and design. All are bright and vibrant to showcase the positive outcomes and success stories of the Phoenix youth. Each year, we work with the client to design a unique approach that compliments their years’ strategies. Our work is challenging for each report – setting up photo shoots of the youth, gathering all the stories and paring down to a sizable amount, gathering and editing the numerous client-supplied amateur photos, and getting it to print on time.

The process is challenging but so worthwhile in knowing the client is happy and they can get their message out. The donor reports are now being used by the client as a leave behind piece when approaching new potential corporate donors.

Our continued support is important to the client. Prior to us contributing our expertise, the client had a different designer work on each yearly donor report. As a result, there was no continuity and/or understanding of the work Phoenix does.

In 2014, I was thrilled when Phoenix nominated me for a Women of Excellence award. I was even happier when I was given the award in the communications category.

The Crowood Press

Edinburgh Celebrity City Guide, 2013

Details: 5.6” x 8.3”, 144 page book divided into six sections, over 200 photos, 7 maps, soft cover, perfect bound.

Services: design and concept, layout and typesetting, colour correction and adjustments of all photos, map design and production.

This guidebook details the lives of 100 of Edinburgh’s most famous people, complete with photos and maps of where they lived, worked, and dallied.

This was the first guidebook for The Crowood Press, and the first guidebook that I designed – I was thrilled to work on this challenging project with them. They have since hired a managing editor specifically for guidebooks. I continue to design and produce other guidebooks for this client.

Initially, the author wanted to have a map for each celebrity that showed their specific “spots” – where they lived, went to school, etc. Due to the size of Edinburgh, this was impossible to achieve. Through many trials and errors, I developed and designed a map grid system that included specific colour-coded references within the body text. Each map also has a list of specific celebrities that are associated with that map. Throughout the design process, I worked with the author to adapt the text to the revised mapping system.

Other challenges include dealing with a lengthly manuscript shoehorned into a specific page count without losing readability.

Atlantic Central

Atlantic Central Government Relations Booklet, 2014

Details: 16 page booklet, die-cut cover, 1 map, and several charts.

Services: design and concept, layout and typesetting, custom illustration, new writing using client-supplied reference materials, print tendering and supervision.

Atlantic Central is the trade organization for all member credit unions in Atlantic Canada. There are 54 member credit unions with approximately 145 branches across the region, serving over 317,000 individual members.

This project was important to me as it was the first project for this client – they were thrilled with the process and outcome. We have since gone on to work on other projects with them even though they have an internal design department. We provided a hand-picked team for the project and continue this process for other projects.

Previously the client had produced simple Word documents. They knew they needed a booklet their target audience would actually read. The booklet is a synopsis of what Atlantic Central does and how their member credit unions are an integral part of life in the region. The audience is primarily government officials who often don’t know anything about credit unions. The booklet is also used as a lobbying document when discussing tax regimes that impact financial institutions.

For the cover, we chose specific icons for each of the four Atlantic provinces and developed custom illustrations. The circle theme was used throughout the booklet to reinforce the idea that credit unions play an important part in their communities. We also scattered interesting factoids throughout the booklet.

By using an existing die, we saved the client hundreds of dollars, and gave them a unique cover. Bright colours throughout ensured a lively and interesting booklet that we hoped would not get buried under a stack of traditional white papers.

The client said: “Atlantic Central was looking for a design partner to help us produce creative materials as part of our stakeholder engagement strategy. Peggy & Co. delivered a brochure that far exceeded our expectations and that positions us exactly as we need with key audiences. The process of working with Peggy from planning to design to execution was on-time, on-budget, and quite fun (and working with the excellent partners she brought to the table was seamless.) I highly recommend Peggy & Co. and look forward to working with her on future projects for our organization.”

The Crowood Press

Seashores: An Ecological Guide, 2014

Details: 8.3” x 11.6”, 192 page book divided into eight sections, perfect bound, soft cover, over 480 photos and diagrams

Services: design and concept, layout and typesetting, custom illustration

This book was a joy to design as the author is also an accomplished photographer and naturalist. Many of the photos required overlay captions to identify specific plants and animals. Custom diagrams were also designed based on client-supplied reference materials.

The Crowood Press was founded in 1982 and publishes about 70 titles per year. I’m grateful that I can contribute to their growing list of books for hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals.

Over the 25 plus years that I have been a sole proprietor, I have purposely sought out new publishing clients. Working with The Crowood Press in the UK since 2011 has been exciting and challenging. British typographic styles differ from those in Canada, editing proof marks are different, and the managing director doesn’t appreciate the use of white space in page layout. These challenges are what drives me forward to design beautiful publications and grow as a designer.

I have designed over 60 books in my career and each have their unique challenges. Specific challenges for this title included typographic styles for scientific names, clear and legible overlay captions, and many levels of typographic headings.

Client says: “Peggy’s professionalism makes her a delight to work with. Her work is elegant yet contemporary, and never sacrifices clarity for the sake of design.”

I continue to seek out new clients and pleased to have worked with publishers across Canada and the UK. From children’s books, academic text books, novels, how-to guides, hiking guides, cookbooks, gardening books, poetry, and more – designing these publications is rich and rewarding.

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