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William Street Beer Co.

William Street Beer Co., 2014

William Street Beer Co. is Ontario’s newest craft brewery located in the idyllic port-side town of Cobourg. William Street wanted to acknowledge Cobourg’s marine heritage without appearing too stuffy, so we created a series of whimsical maritime characters that reflect the eccentric spirit of the townsfolk. The hangtags attached by reef-knotted nautical rope complete the look.

The Cans are the latest addition to the William Street family. This was the first time we had worked with shrink wrap, which was a very cost-effective way to showcase the bold new look.

This project has been one of our most successful to date, and has won numerous industry and design awards, as well as significantly raising the profile of the brewery.

Cream Productions

Cream Productions Logo, 2007

Luke Despatie & The Design Firm was commissioned to create the logo for Cream Productions, a Toronto-based producer of highly-acclaimed mini-series, television specials and top-rated documentary series.

They needed a logo that was clean and simple so as to translate well across a wide variety of media, but ultimately look good on the screen. The logo was created with animation in mind as the main use of the logo was as a number at the end of television credits. The logo was animated to ‘bubble’ and rise out of a field of cream. Very cool.

This logo was seen around the world during programmes on the Discovery and National Geographic Channels, among others.

Oak Heights Estate Winery

Oak Heights Estate Winery, 2009

Oak Heights is a boutique winery nestled in the rolling hills of Northumberland County.

Oak Heights had an image problem – they had great wine, and an up-and coming winemaker, but their identity looked dated. Luke Despatie & The Design Firm were brought in to update their image while communicating quality and heritage.

Letterpress, which was undergoing a resurgence at the time, was used extensively to create a tactile experience of sophisticated quality.

For the Reserve series, we brought in talented local illustrator and naturalist Laura Fetterley to depict a series of birds – an homage to the local species that were wreaking havoc at the winery by pilfering the young grapes before they had a chance to mature. We were able to turn a bad situation into award-winning labels with vintages to match.

We were also able to curate the experience at the winery by bringing in carefully selected local artists and assisting in the interior design.

Les Stroud and The Pikes

Long Walk Home CD Packaging, 2008

Back when CDs were still a thing, long-time client Les Stroud (Survivorman) was collaborating with Canadian rock icons The Northern Pikes. The result was the EP Long Walk Home. Luke Despatie & The design Firm worked extensively with Les and the Pikes to interpret the music and create a package design that suited both the tone of the material and the personalities of a diverse group of musicians.

To keep costs low, but maintain a tactile feel, the CD cover was printed on the uncoated back of the glossy off-the-rack Digipak material.

As a result of this work, Luke Despatie & The Design Firm won the redesign of the Northern Pikes Website and we continue a fruitful relationship with Les Stroud to this day.

Port Hope Press, Northumberland Soapworks

Port Hope Press Soaps, 2011

Conceived as collaboration between Port Hope Press and Northumberland Soapworks, Luke Despatie & The Design Firm created a series or whimsical designs to highlight the printing prowess of Port Hope Press and the amazing all-natural soaps of Northumberland Soapworks.

Created as a limited edition for the holidays, this series of soaps quickly sold out at craft shows and farmer’s markets across the province.

Luke Despatie & The Design Firm went on to create over 50 package designs for Northumberland Soapworts complete catalogue of products.

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