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Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia rebrand, 2008

The Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia (WCB) produces numerous brochures, reports, plans, community reports, in-house newsletters plus other collateral. In 2008 they required a rebrand of their materials. WCB asked KBrown Design to create a new brand for all of their materials (their advertising agency created the logo).

The designs provided the WCB with a well-designed visual identity across all of their digital and print communication pieces that helped them effectively deliver their prevention and return-to-work messages to their stakeholders. They wanted their collateral design to be distinct yet simple and easy to read. They wanted their visuals to be appealing and engaging: the new brand helped them achieve both. And effectively reaching their stakeholders is an important part of how the WCB is building a culture of safety in Nova Scotia: the more engaged their stakeholders are in the messages they share, the more likely they are to work safely.

In addition, their collateral needs to be endorsed by a range of stakeholders, including WCB’s government partners: the brand was produced with these considerations in mind.

The effectiveness of the design in their key collateral pieces has had several positive effects on their brand over the years:
• The WCB is viewed as a credible source of information about injury prevention and return-to-work strategies
• Stakeholders are more willing to engage with them and share their stories with others through their designed collateral
• WCB’s employees are proud of the quality of the print and digital materials they produce, and proactively share them with stakeholders to make a difference in safety outcomes; readership has grown
• Employers are willing to use WCB’s collateral to help teach their employees how to work safely; demand for collateral packages remains strong
• All stakeholders get the information they need in a well-designed, easy to navigate and understand format

The WCB has been a client for 20 years. They are a crucial part of my business and I enjoy working with them on a regular basis.

Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society

Memory Lane Heritage Village logo and rebrand, 2015

Memory Lane is a living history museum depicting coastal rural life in Nova Scotia during the 1940s. The first step to creating the new logo was to research clothing, colours, typography through advertising, signs, magazines and the museum’s archives.

The new logo is based on 1940s colours, typography and clothing styles. One of the key historical items at the village is their bright red truck. We designed the logo so that it looks like dad has just bought a new truck (very prestigious at that time) and his wife and kids are posing for a photo in front of the truck (again a very typical thing to do at that time).

KBrown Design collaborated with Bonnie Ross, illustrator, to create the final logo and village map.

This project is still being rolled out so several pieces have not been redesigned. To date the highway signs, village signage and visitor map have been updated.

Memory Lane has received a lot of positive feedback about the look and feel of the signs, the overall rebranding, and better communication of what people can expect at their museum. People have been very excited by the rebranding and they look forward to launching a line of apparel with this new brand next year. So far this summer, visitation to the museum is up by about 27% plus they saw a 20% increase in road sign referrals in the month of July.

Saint Mary’s University

Saint Mary’s University, Executive and Professional Development (EPD) 2014-2015 promotional materials, 2014

Saint Mary’s University’s Executive and Professional Development (EPD) required a catalogue, five brochures and two postcards to promote their 2014–2015 programs. The catalogue and certificate brochure are printed and mailed to their potential participants, three brochures are posted on their website, and the postcards are inserted in a local magazine. Concepts for advertising are also provided.

Specifications for the different pieces remained the same as previous years. The catalogue is 48 pages plus cover and full colour throughout. The cover is printed offset and the text pages are printed on a web press. The certificate brochure is 20 pages plus cover with the remainder of the specs the same as the catalogue.

The design needs to provide instant and unmistakable recognition with Saint Mary’s University. It needs to promote engaging education services and be versatile enough to work in a variety of media (online, in print, bus and billboard).

EPD’s main competition in Halifax is online courses therefor reinforcing their programs with graduate profiles has been a very good step in the right direction. Using these profiles promotes the local aspect, networking possibilities and teacher support. When KBrown Design started working with them they used stock photos exclusively so over the years we have built a photo library of their participants.

The most common feedback that the client has received from participants, instructors, and human resource professionals is that their marketing materials are:
• Professional
• Well organized
• Anticipated – they look forward to receiving it
• Difficult to hang on to – their copy goes wandering
• Shared it with lots of people
• Used regularly
• Interesting – since the recent inclusion of participant and instructor profiles

They find that the photos and profiles of participants and instructors resonates with the audience. They reflect the “real experience” participants can expect when they take a class with EPD and help readers identify with people just like them. The instructor profiles helps make them approachable and a familiar face when participants arrive in the classroom.

The design sets EPD apart from other providers as it is unique each year and not static from year to year as per the norm for others. EPD relies on the design to attract and engage the reader as content does not change dramatically. It needs to instantly inform the reader to expect a learning experience that is focused on them. This is unlike any other option in the marketplace so becomes a focus and needs to be captured in the promotional materials. The use of participant/instructor profiles, pictures of actual classroom settings and real people in our classrooms are all chosen to share the idea of learning focused on the learner.

This was the seventh year that KBrown Design has produced EPD’s promotional materials. 2015-2016 materials are now in production. EPD has become a very valuable client and crucial to the growth of KBrown Design.

Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

Soteria Logo and Branding, 2012

Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia partnered with Capital Health to create a program promoting health and safety at work. Sprains, strains and other safety issues are the greatest cause for healthcare workers to lose time from work. They required a logo and brand for this program.

The Communications Committee provided the name Soteria. Soteria is the Greek goddess of safety and preservation, a perfect name to brand a work safety program.

They required a designer to take their suggested program name and colour scheme and work it into a “bit of a visual identity”. The Soteria identity would represent the program across the province. They also required templates that they could use for such things as: fact sheets, press releases, reports, etc. They wanted some font suggestions and a colour scheme for their communications going forward. The logo needed to work alongside all nine District Health Authorities and IWK Hospital logos and needed to be something that stood out from these.

Their colours and ideas included in the brief did not work at all but the name was great. The other logos that the Soteria logo needed to work with are very busy and comprised of many different colours. The Soteria logo needed to be simple and a colour that would stand out from the rest.

The first step was to research Soteria and Greek symbols. A mosiac of Soteria exists and this was used for the brand’s colour scheme and as a starting point to create the logo. In the mosiac she is wearing a laurel wreath. During the design phase it became obvious that she should be depicted in the medallion on a laurel wreath.

Bonnie Ross, illustrator, was collaborated with to produce the final logo. Indesign and Powerpoint templates were supplied to the client to produce the support materials.

The client is happy that they are doing something unique and different within their sector. They moved away from acronyms and other project logos towards a more strategic brand that serves the program as much as the communications it carries with it. They have expanded the Soteria brand to more projects. Recognition of their values and principles is growing.

Alidade Marketing Limited

Nova Scotia Wine Country kit folder/brochure, 2009

Alidade Marketing contacted KBrown Design to design a kit folder/brochure for the Winery Association of Nova Scotia. The initiative was to provide the tools needed to grow and strengthen the wine industry in Nova Scotia which would add to the diversification of Nova Scotia’s agricultural sector, provide tourism opportunities and promote job creation in rural communities.

The target market was potential wine growers. The design needed to be sophisticated yet friendly. Photography was supplied by the client. The cover image was created to capture the qualities of Nova Scotia as a wine growing region. Food and wine illustrations were added to create a personal touch.

Since this initiative, the Nova Scotia wine industry has become one of the province’s most exciting economic development stories. Nova Scotia is the third most recognized wine region in Canada.

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