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Museum of Civilization

Museum of Civilization – 150th Anniversary Book, 2006

The Canadian Museum of Civilization celebrated its 150th anniversary in May 2006 and chose to commemorate it with a special edition publication to mark the occasion. The book chronicles the museum’s rich history from its early Geological Survey beginnings to the completion of its landmark building in Gatineau Quebéc.

The sheer volume of the material dictated that a means of organizing the information needed to be central to the design. The historical content was divided chronologically, then each chapter was colour-coded using copper for the early years and then transitioning to green to symbolize oxidation and the passing of time. A fold-out cover was created using a recycled stock resembling the stone used in the construction as well as a metaphor for archaeology. Incorporating these functional details made this book much more functional and interactive—and as such, more enjoyable and informative for the reader.

Farm Boy 2012 Inc.

Farm Boy Brand & Packaging, 2015

Farm Boy is Eastern Ontario’s fastest growing fresh produce chain. The growing family business now includes eighteen stores specializing in quality produce, deli products and cheese, fresh meats, and dairy and bakery products.

We’ve been a strategic partner for many years, providing services that include branding, private label packaging, store design, advertising and electronic engagement. As they have grown, our role has increased and become more strategic as we help their business adapt and evolve, all while remaining true to their roots.

Courtyard Restaurant

Courtyard Restaurant Rebrand, 2008

While one of Ottawa’s most innovative and popular restaurants, the Courtyard Restaurant, located in one of the city’s oldest building in the Byward market, needed a brand refresh, in their identity, décor and communications. The challenge was to better marry the historic setting with the modern, progressive cuisine.

To create a modern, progressive looking restaurant in a historic building, we chose to use the natural elements of the historical architecture in a modern way. Metal accents were used on the menus and in the construction materials for the built-ins.

In addition to the aesthetic elements, we also worked on space planning, workstation flow and both bar and kitchen layout efficiencies.

The Royal Canadian Mint

Superman Packaging, 2013

“Nice looking coin but best of all is the display. It seems the RCM is finally putting out some coins aimed towards collectors who want the display to match the quality of the coin.” – Consumer review on

While he may have been drawn in
Cleveland, Ohio, Superman has
distinctly Canadian roots. This coin series celebrates the legend that is Superman and his strong Canadian lineage.

Superman is an icon, a superhero among superheroes. His fans are fully immersed in the details of his story and their knowledge needs to be respected. As such, all of the packaging was heavily influenced and instructed by research.

It began with changing how the coins would be displayed from the traditional “clam-shell” to a display box. Something that would not be put in a drawer but put on display. Using premium finishes like embossing, foil stamping and spot varnishes, the finished packages were a direct reflection of the quality of product they contained.

The success of product was helped by the strong shelf presence and striking personality. The project was met with huge success with supplies selling out within a few weeks, and the most expensive of the line selling out in under 48 hours.

The Royal Canadian Mint

The Italian Campaign, 2015

“I purchased this coin and presentation package to honour a 97 yr old veteran who had served in the Italian Campaign with my father.

Of course, the coin was laden with emotion but I was surprised that my veteran was just as thrilled with the pop-up presentation. He had actually been in the vicinity of the scene portrayed in the presentation.

In all, it was very touching and I thank the designers of both the coin and the presentation package.”
– Consumer review on

As with all our work, this one began with immersing ourselves in the nature of the product as much as possible. We began with a trip to the Canadian War Museum, letting the exhibits and history speak for themselves. We took in the look and feel of the environment — the rusted tanks, the rubble, the dust — and used it to drive the project forward. We also did extensive research into the Royal Canadian Mint’s store itself, to see what resonated with customers and what did not.

In the end we had a pop-up display using real photography taken during the Italian Campaign, and fashioned the enclosure after a WWII ammo box. The project has been met with glowing reviews for its accuracy, originality, and ability to be put on display with pride.

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