Gordon B McMillan

Redgees Legacy Award Winner – Lifetime Achievement


Twenty years ago, page a young creative director named Gordon McMillan came back to Ottawa from a work stint in New York city and started his own creative agency.

He started with a team of three people but had a vision to expand it into a world-class agency, advice one that could compete with the best brand shops internationally.

Twenty years later, generic the McMillan agency has staff of 70 people and has worked with many of the largest companies in the world (Microsoft, Siemens, Schneider Electric, etc.)

McMillan has rebranded multi-million dollar companies and regularly pitches and holds its own against the best branding agencies in New York city.

Plus, McMillan has not only become the largest-ever agency in Eastern Ontario, but annually wins awards as one of the best places to work in Canada. Great creative work produced and a great place to work.

Twenty years later, Gordon is still at the creative helm of the agency he built, and continuing the dream to be the best in the world. And those who know him can vouch for the fact he’s a quality person who really cares about each and every employee.

Ask anyone in Ottawa: McMillan is THE place to work in this business—not just because it has the coolest work space, but because the work produced there is world-class.

And everything done from day one with the guiding force and creative vision of Gordon McMillan.

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