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Redgees Legacy Award Winner

In-House – Atlantic Canada (NS,NB,PE,NL)

Saint John Waterfront Development

Eco Hubs, 2014

These installations were designed to interpret the ecosystem and natural environment of the Saint John Harbour in Saint John, NB. The sites are perched along a pedestrian walkway that skirts a working harbour. The challenge was to conceive and create weather- and vandal-proof interactive exhibits that would engage visitors in a learning experience. We addressed marine life, climate, tidal and migratory cycles through a series of information panels and sculptural elements, each of which engages the visitor in a physical interaction with the visual and textual content provided. Sculptures of marine mammals were created for touching and climbing on; text elements are delivered as the reader turns the information panel; rotating puzzle elements elucidate the migratory cycle of eels and salmon in the Bay of Fundy; a hopscotch game highlights the evolutionary cycle of the eel; a whirligig speaks to the harbour as a key migratory flyway for birds. The back-lit moons installation explores the power of the tidal cycle of the Bay of Fundy as dictated by the moon; while a hand pump station illustrates the volume of water moved in a singly tidal cycle in the harbour. Since their installation in 2014, these interpretive nodes have been visited by thousands of tourists and locals alike. They have fulfilled their mandate to tell the story of the environment of this particularly unique harbour and its role in the urban landscape of Saint John.

Goose Lane Editions and The Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Freeman Patterson: Embracing Creation, 2013

Freeman Patterson is one of Canada’s most distinguished photographers of the natural world. His photographs of sensual landscapes, vibrant slashes of wildflowers, and spectral images of human habitation invariably evoke highly personal responses from viewers. We immediately, sometimes viscerally, understand that what we are seeing is much more than a perfectly composed image, but something that reaches toward us, that touches us and stirs the heart. From the beginning of his artistic life, Freeman Patterson has wanted viewers to understand the photographic image in all its fullness. By reading its unique language, he has urged us to appreciate the grammar and syntax of this visual form. He has also urged us to transcend the picturesque qualities of the image, inviting us to expand the viewing moment to a more profound level of experience. For Patterson, there is no division between mind and matter: life, the mind, and nature are fully part of each other. In Embracing Creation, published to coincide with a major exhibition of his work at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, he gives us privileged access to a fully intelligent universe in all of its magnificent splendour. The publication was designed to provide a generous physical context in which to absorb the richness of Patterson’s images: a large format, cloth-covered hard cover edition with dust jacket, stripped back to a clean, clear, and airy presentation.

Goose Lane Editions and Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI)

The Patricias: A Century of Service, 2013

Founded at the outbreak of war, forged in action, and formidable throughout its history, Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2014. In The Patricias: A Century of Service, the Regiments remarkable record of valour and sacrifice from the First World War to Afghanistan is documented in absorbing detail. A graphic depiction of the 100-year history of the Regiment from the battlefields to the barracks, augmented with hundreds of archival images and informative sidebars, The Patricias A Century of Service is a gripping account of the story of this legendary unit that has served Canada within its borders and around the world. The book integrates hundreds of images and photographs of artifacts to weave a rich narrative tapestry.

Goose Lane Editions

GWG: Piece by Piece, 2012

Great Western Garment Company were as Canadian as hockey, toques, and Tim Horton’s; a work wear staple for some, defining cool for others. When Wayne Gretsky said, “I grew up in GWGs,” he was speaking for millions of Canadians from coast to coast. From its humble roots in Edmonton in 1911 to its final factory closing in 2004, GWG remains firmly fixed in the Canadian psyche and still holds a place in Canadian hearts. In 2012, Goose Lane Editions published this lushly illustrated GWG: Piece by Piece. The book is filled with classic advertising, interviews with former workers, and a text that covers the full story of GWG’s remarkable labour history and its cultural influence through fashion. It embraces substantial and exhaustive research and brings the rich cultural history of Canada’s Great Western Garment Company into focus through the decades of the company’s history. The book enshrines the legacy of the Great Western Garment Company and its importance to not only to Alberta history, but to Canadian history, as well.

Goose Lane Editions

six @ sixty, 2014

This snazzy gift pack of short stories was designed in celebration of Goose Lane Editions’ 60th anniversary in 2014. Blowing the horn in honour of six decades of literary publishing in Canada, and in being Canada’s oldest independent publisher, we felt it fitting to get out all the brightest colours in the deck to shout out our joy. This package also happened to garner a best in print Redgee Award in 2015. We’re pretty proud of this candy-coloured set: one tiny perfect story to celebrate each decade of our publishing history. The linked letter typographic treatment of the design for the suite was carried through all of the collateral materials for the anniversary celebrations. This project, as all of the others in this submission, affirms Goose Lanes deep conviction that stories are what hold us together as community. Narrative is the through line of our shared experience. It gives voice to fear, love, joy, and sorrow. As designers, we revel in shaping that experience… for readers, for museum goers, for all those who share in the joy of discovery.

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