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Hot Docs

Hot Docs Brand Identity, this web 2005

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival is North America’s largest documentary film festival.
In 2005, there we were tasked with creating a brand identity that helped to communicate and celebrate the art of documentary filmmaking, viagra buy as well as the festival’s brand promise of fostering feedback, discussion and debate.
Our work included conducting a competitive audit, developing the brand identity, logo and wordmark, and implementing the identity across a range of marketing collateral. The identity remains in use today.

Flash Reproductions

Flash Reproductions Brand Identity, 2010

When printing company Flash Reproductions approached us to help them with a new brand identity and corporate brochure, we took some time to learn about what they felt set them apart. Then we conducted a series of interviews to discover what Flash’s customers had to say about the company: why they chose to work with Flash, what differentiated them from other printers, etc.
As a result of our research, we were able to develop a unique brand promise that matched the company’s business structure: hands-on, small-company enthusiasm and service combined with massive, challenge-loving expertise to solve the most difficult printing challenges.
The next step was to communicate this promise convincingly. Because of our research, we were able to tell Flash’s story through the words of their customers. We then worked with photographer Craig Samuel to document the various craftspeople who work at Flash, to help illustrate the brand promise. The result was a brand book and identity that tells an authentic story about a company and its people, seen through the eyes of its customers.
This identity and personality were extended to Flash’s website, which was conceived as not only a vehicle for getting quotations, but also as a hub for industry news and events, reinforcing the customer perspective.

0 to 100 Print Book and App, 2011

The beginning of the project was humble. We learned about an interesting new bookbinding technique—a gutterless process, which allows images to print seamlessly across each spread. Intrigued by the possibilities, we brainstormed ideas about how best to try it out. From there, we enlisted photographer Sandy Nicholson, and a critical mass of other partners, for a unique collaboration.
The result is 0 to 100, a graphic and verbal narrative on aging. The project—which consisted of a book, an iPad app and a photography exhibition—includes 101 photographs (representing each age, from mere weeks to a full century old).
We designed, wrote and produced the limited-edition book, in which every subject reflects on aging.
We then used our privileges as a beta tester for the (then-) new Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to design and develop an interactive iPad app (available through the App Store). The app features the full set of photographs, allowing users to scroll to view photographs (and scroll down to read each person’s statement about aging); watch videos of select subjects; and play with the FaceMaker, a fun mix-and-match feature that divides portraits into thirds, allowing users to change up eyes, noses and mouths to create completely new portraits.
0 to 100 stands as the most award-winning project that we (and our partners) have produced to date, with recognition from the New York Art Directors Club, ADCC Directions, UnderConsideration’s FPO Awards, Applied Arts, Design Taxi and Design Edge. Media coverage included spotlights on,, and
Another tangible measure of the project’s success: 48,000+ app downloads on iTunes—despite no supporting promotion.

Wayward Arts

Wayward Arts Print Publication and App, 2015

Wayward Arts, a publication printed by Flash Reproductions, features regular issues curated by Canada’s top creative agencies.
The magazine is unique in that it promises complete creative control for the agencies participating. For our issue, we wanted to showcase our design and storytelling.
With a mandate to demonstrate the theme of “community” in any manner we chose, we worked with photographer Craig Samuel to profile Toronto’s coolest guitar shop, and one of the city’s best-kept secrets: Capsule Music.
Through a combination of on-site photography and interviews with the subjects, the design and editorial focus allows the community to “tell” its own story—the vintage guitars and gear that created the legendary music of the past, and the people who make the legendary music of today—adding a layer of first-person authenticity.
We chose a large, broadsheet format for the magazine, with no binding. This allowed the spreads to be pulled apart and displayed as posters—an idea inspired by the culture of the music industry, in which posters are part of the vocabulary.
We then released the issue as a digital app on iTunes, which includes additional video content, time-lapse photography, music and downloadable wallpaper.

Nicholas & Krampus Wine Packaging, 2014

Every year for the holidays, we like to give our clients something special. In recent years, that’s taken the form of a locally crafted item encased in custom packaging.
Continuing this tradition, in 2014, we teamed up with our friends at Angels Gate Winery to deliver our take on the naughty/nice dichotomy: one white wine and one red wine, dressed up as Nicholas and Krampus, those standbys of Alpine folklore (Nicholas is the basis of Santa; Krampus is a horned punisher).
The scalloped butcher-paper wine labels, featuring stylized depictions of Nicholas and Krampus, are hand-wrapped on the bottle and tied with a decorative string. Just enough of the bottles peek out beneath the label to show the light and dark wines inside.
The wines arrived at their destinations packaged in an understated black and white box that gives a little more information about the characters and their origins—and an assurance that the wines will be enjoyed by both the naughty and the nice.

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