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Advertising & Design Club of Canada

ADCC 2009, 2009

The Advertising and Design Club of Canada enlisted Compass360 to design promotional materials for its 2009 Directions Award show. This year marked the 60th anniversary of the show, which serves to honour the best Advertising and Design in Canada.

Our creative centers around the theme, “Recognizing the Best,” and features clever illustrations by our good friend Ben Weeks. Elements for the program include a brochure, web site, poster and book cover design. Directions 2009 has been recognized for several different international design awards.

Culinary Papers

Culinary Papers Brand, 2009

Culinary Papers are manufacturers and makers of fine cooking papers and traditional food wraps across North America. The company was formed in 2008 with a mission to become a leader in marketing and product development for innovative and sustainable papers for the food industry.

The Culinary Papers identity is a clear graphic monogram that distills the entire organization’s processes to a simple notion: “We make paper.” The supporting materials are filled with rich hues and warm imagery that pay respect to the care and quality of the company’s products.

The simplicity and honesty of this identity would rollout into the brand’s stationery and collateral program, as well as its website. Collectively, the project would go on to be recognized with over 11 prestigious design awards.

Great Gulf

Great Gulf Rebrand, 2012

Great Gulf is an award-winning home builder and condo developer. Looking towards the next decade of its growth, the brand sought to reinvigorate and galvanize – with a focus on cutting-edge technology, forward-looking innovation and excellence in customer experience. The challenge would be to create a new master brand, under which all of its sub-brands – which to this point also included individual brands for each of its development projects – would no longer compete for attention.

“Live greatly.” — Great Gulf’s new positioning — is the promise that we crafted for the new Great Gulf. To aspire to a higher ideal of home – embracing design and innovation while creating spaces that foster a better way to live. The Great Gulf brand rollout include an introductory animation, as well as a responsive website which sought to introduce and reinforce this aspirational attitude. At launch, the website featured “Live greatly” stories, which speak to unique aspects of Great Gulf’s initiatives to improve the quality of life for its customers.


PaperChef Rebrand, 2010

Compass360 was approached to create a new package design for an existing brand of Parchment paper, ChefsSelect. However, upon a brand assessment, it was determined that a complete brand overhaul was in order. Starting with brand and product naming, PaperChef was born. We then expanded the brand to a complete identity system, package design, website and advertising campaign. It is important to note that every aspect — from sales sheets, to outer shipping container, to legal jargon on the bottom of the packaging — was scrutinized and branded with utmost importance.

The new brand required a sensibility that would pay homage to parchment’s roots while offering a vibrant, modern flare to feel at home in the contemporary kitchen. The visually rich brand was built around a unique positioning, “The Art of Cooking with Parchment.” The positioning is reinforced with dramatic food photography and a well-travelled aesthetic that pushes both the PaperChef brand and it’s packaging to an expansive, high-end consumer offering.

PaperChef packaging, with it bold green and stunning photography, sets itself apart and above other brands in colours of blue and yellow. Each product is shown with a different food as a signifier of how it can be used: fish for parchment bags, muffins for lotus cups, chicken wings for culinary parchment sheets. How the packages would be stacked on a shelf was also taken into consideration, with all of the cinnamon rolls on the Culinary Parchment Paper boxes lining up to creating a stunning stack of confectionaries on shelf.

Their stationery is comprised of PaperChef’s bold brand colours along with diverse logo placement. The elements come together to personify PaperChef’s multi-faceted brand identity and product offering. Playful cropping and mix of pattern give the system energy, while strong printing and a mix of paper stocks and finishes exude sophistication.

Partnering with the print materials is It is a magazine style, responsive site with rich full-window imagery. It is a beautiful extension of the brand, exemplifying the consumer experience in the contemporary kitchen with feature articles, high-end recipes, and video tutorials, while distilling the brand’s aspirational positioning statement: The Art of Cooking with Parchment.

PaperChef’s renaming, integration of beautiful design and charismatic commentary catapulted their success. They were received by retailers with tremendous excitement, and as a result, their products are carried by thousands of grocery outlets across North America. The cherry on top comes with the expansion of their product offering and the growth of a the ever successful brand story.

Toronto Film Studios

Toronto Film Studios Brand, 2006

Toronto Film Studios was facing a sharp industry downturn. A rising Canadian dollar along with a push for the movie industry to stay in California greatly reduced the number of productions using the facility. To combat this, Compass360 was called in to develop a striking new identity.

The logo shows the word, film, dispersed between 4 squares which represent the stages within the studio grounds. The logo then carries through the supporting pieces as quick, one-letter visual cues. Along with it, an advertising campaign that featured a distinctly Canadian tone of voice was created. Favourable results showed soon thereafter.

Toronto Film Studios traction could be seen through the countless productions it acquired. 629 Eastern Avenue became the home to over 200 feature films, 60 television series and countless commercials.

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