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Boutique – Quebec


BLVD identity, 2014

Our mandate was to revamp the identity of Boogie Studio, renamed Blvd, a sound design and visual effects production workshop that had completely changed its positioning. Having set up shop in Montreal and New York, the new brand needed to bring its marketing approach in line with its new goals. Serving as a real crossroads, teaming with professionals from all disciplines, the studio’s new name alludes to the convergence and free flow of ideas from one medium to another.

The B symbol, in the form of a stylized roadway, is at the heart of the studio’s visual platform. The intersected lines suggest crossing avenues, boulevards, roads that reflects well their cross-platform services. The B symbol is made of 5 lines for their 5 different services. Combined with a sparkling shade of red and a modern typeface, the striking Blvd image makes its mark. We produced for them custom stationery, animated logos, website, office signage and some special promo gift for their potential clients.


Candles packaging, 2014

We always believed in strong collaboration. For Christmas, we’ve wanted to give our clients and friends something special. Something other than a traditional x-mas card. So we’ve decided to produced some candles. We’ve asked our client and dear friend Isabelle at “Monsillage” to collaborate with us and help us define and produce a candle with a scent of Pine/Fir tree. We wanted to do a packaging that reflects a small cube of wood, a small piece of log. Our goal was to reach the more senses possible: sight, smell, touch and hearing (the wick is a piece of cedar so it crakles when burning). With that candle, we wanted to reach the audience with a story about our folklore, traditions. We told a story about a young boy and his dad going in the woods to choose the right x-mas tree and coming back home, proud, and ornate it with the rest of the family.

We ask our printer to jump in the boat with us and print a packaging for the candles. Embossed to look like bark with full-on gold foil inside, the packaging for these Christmas candles was a technical triumph. The sensory rejoicing continues with the candle itself, which has a crackling cedar wick and scent of pine. Bundling in some matches and a note, this holiday gift is a complete package of seasonal cheer.


Soaps packaging, 2012

Visual identity and packaging for Monsillage, a premium perfume brand “signed” by Isabelle Michaud. Our aim from the beginning was to convey the care with which each product is hand-crafted. We wanted this attention to detail and tradition to be reflected in all of the brand’s identity blocks: from the harmonious typography, fine lines, elegant textures and classic botanical drawings to the selection of materials and finishes. We sought to enhance the chic allure of these high-calibre products. We have produced 3 different lines of collections; Botanical, Perfume, Molecule.

Underground production

Underground identity, 2014

Longtime collaborators, the architects of this sound studio are for us real modern noisemakers, frequency hackers, sound designers, musicians, surround builders. It was quite natural for us to offer them to make an almost literal graphic representation of a factory: magical and thunderous, advancing for the sole purpose of magnifying the projects that crosses their path. Now that we knew what we had to represent, the challenge layed in the execution of this illustration. We had to identify a style that would allow us to both suggest a surreal world while being able to perfectly understand it. It is by using a vector illustration in high contrast that we achieved this. This illustration is generous in mechanical, music and sound of any kind, easily reproducible in one color – a budget constraint which finally turned in our favour. Thus Underground officially became a factory that helps projects to make noise.

Maison Carrier

Avec Plaisirs Caterer identity, 2013

Corporate identity for a caterer who specializes for over 14 years in the cocktail service and business lunches in the office. Through the years, the caterer has initiated the production of numerous articles and communications tools, piece, following the rhythm of the needs of its growing business. To address the lack of consistency that had settled, we assisted our client in the redesign of a logo and a visual system based on the intentions of each tool, to identify, attract and inform. This system has allowed us to deploy the new image with cohesion to all points of contact with the consumer, from the menus, service boxes, documentation, website, vehicle fleet, uniforms and so on. The smiley logo made of ustencils refers to the name Avec Plaisirs meaning With Pleasure in french. 6 months after the rebrand, sales went up 17% and ongoing.

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