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Boutique – Atlantic Canada (NS,NB,PE,NL)

Mic Mac Mall Merchant’s Association

Back to School Campaign, 2006

Burke & Burke was the Agency of Record for Mic Mac Mall from 1994 to 2007. We were responsible for every aspect of strategic and creative development and implementation of external advertising, and internal communication during that time.

Our innovative and effective marketing approaches were responsible for meeting and exceeding sales and traffic benchmarks, became a model for the entire portfolio of shopping centres across the country, and garnered attention and praise from national and international retail trade journals.

The Campaign:
Back-to-School campaigns need to engage both the school aged kids and their parents – a pretty tall order by any measure. Our campaign resonated with both – our newspaper flyer (disguised as a familiar scribbler) was filled with the actual doodles and musings of a fifteen year old (our talented daughter, who was fifteen at the time).

The campaign, which featured print ads, outdoor, and radio, was a huge hit with kids and their parents. The mall, and our agency received dozens of emails from customers like this one:

“I just had to write you about the Mic Mac Mall “flyer” I found with my Chronicle Herald today. I normally discard flyers, but couldn’t resist looking through Emily & Sarah’s scribbler – what a clever idea (and it really looks like something a teenager would do).” — Joyann Wright

The results were equally impressive. The return piece on the scribbler generated a 4.5% increase over the previous year’s back-to-school sales, with over 3,000 trackable ballots entered on-site. The campaign also received a six-page editorial in New York’s prestigious Retail Ad World, alongside notable ad campaigns from retail giants like Harrods, Target, IKEA, and Chipotle.

Halifax Developments

Scotia Square Identity Program, 2006

Scotia Square was once the bustling retail hub of downtown Halifax. Like many Canadian downtown shopping destinations, it eventually lost favour to the wave of big box retailers in the suburbs.

In 2006, Scotia Square was in serious need of a contemporary approach to replace its 1970’s vintage branding, and complement its new life as a mixed-use office and retail complex.

We were tasked to develop an integrated identity package which created freshness and consistency for all components, which was incorporated into all external advertising, and a cohesive signage and wayfinding system. The brand had to be contemporary while avoiding trendiness to create an identity with lasting appeal.

Nine years later, (even with new components added to the complex) the brand has not become dated, and stands tall to represent a rejuvenated hub for business and services downtown.

Friends of the Family Estate Organizers

Questionable Characters Campaign, 2008

Let’s face it, nobody wants to talk about death and dying. Imagine the challenge of marketing a new service, (which nobody has heard of) on a topic that nobody wants to talk about (or even think about).

The concept of organizing and preparing one’s final estate is a sound one, but a very hard sell. Previous efforts used a life insurance sales model, but with limited success. This challenge required our creative team to think way outside the box to break down seemingly insurmountable barriers and resistance from uninterested consumers.

Our solution was a multi-faceted visual campaign which stopped people in their tracks, and spoke for itself.

The customer responses have been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. During live presentations to customer groups, it was difficult, if not impossible to hold the attention of the crowd on this topic. When these new slides appeared, there was a collective chuckle, and the audience became engaged and more receptive to the messages presented.

Addressing an issue like this while eliciting a smile – that’s powerful marketing.

PEI Mussel King

Retail Identity Program, 2009

The late Russell Dockendorff was known as the Mussel King of PEI since he pioneered the commercial farming of this tasty shellfish on the Island in 1978. The next generation of his family has grown the enterprise to the most established producer of cultivated mussels in Canada.

The company has grown to become a key exporter of these popular treats to wholesalers around the world, and in 2009, the company entered into the retail arena. They quickly realized that they would need to develop a recognizable and consumer-friendly brand that could compete anywhere.

Our global branding solution fused years of tradition and island-grown goodness with the shelf impact and consumer appeal necessary to ensure PEI mussels show up in grocery outlets, and on plates around the world.

Mussel King’s line of value-added products are selling worldwide on four continents through major retailers like Kroger’s and Costco. One SKU sold in Canada (for which we developed packaging) increased a national grocery chain’s sales of mussels by an unprecedented 70%!

Veterans Emergency Transition Services Canada

VETS Canada Website, 2015

VETS Canada is a volunteer-led, apolitical, nonprofit corporation based in Nova Scotia. They aim to provide aid and comfort to Canadian veterans that are in-crisis, are at risk of becoming homeless, or are homeless.

VETS Canada began as a grassroots movement in 2011 when Jim Lowther, a veteran himself, realized that veterans were slipping through the cracks. They had not made successful transitions from their military careers to healthy and productive civilian lives. Many had lost their families, were living on the streets, or at risk of being homeless, and were, at times, suicidal. They were unemployed and many were trying to cope with mental and physical injuries related to their service without adequate healthcare and community support.

The movement has grown into a federally registered non-profit charity that has a network of hundreds of dedicated volunteers across the country, most of whom are ex-military or RCMP. They work within the community to identify homeless veterans and quickly re-establish the bond of trust that exists between soldiers.

The organization’s public image had not grown, despite its stature as a nationally-recognized charity. Our firm was engaged to help VETS Canada create a consistent image across all platforms, which would engage potential donors, volunteers, and raise public awareness of the situation facing Canada’s veterans in need. Our solution used compelling vignettes to introduce the issues, and an intuitive website which made it easy for clients to access programming, and volunteers and corporate sponsors to become involved on a national scale.

The site launched in July 2015 to rave reviews from our client, the volunteers, and partner organizations. The new image and consistent message is already beginning to pay off, with national sponsor organizations reaching out to support VETS Canada with initiatives designed to benefit veterans and garner fundraising support.

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