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Le Carrefour francophone

Le Carrefour francophone Branding and Digital Assets, 2009

Le Carrefour are a francophone cultural group that offers the community daycare, childcare, music lessons, concerts (La Slague), and many other artistic and cultural activities and events.

As “Carrefour” translates to “intersection” in English, Bureau developed an identity that represented that cultural intersection. Layering the representation with a playful feel, a sort of attractive lightness, their new symbol doubles as a bouncing ball in the form of a letter “C”. The symbol’s negative space even looks like the Eiffel Tower if you tilt your head slightly! This new identity has since been applied to all of the organization’s stationery, all printed material and is found throughout every aspect of their brand presence online and offline.

Our efforts to help keep them ahead of the curve through strategies such as encouraging the establishment of a robust social media presence (before it was standard practice) increased popular awareness of the organization (while keeping marketing spending low) and has driven their overall popularity to new heights. Their services are provided to a steadily-growing number of people while their concerts and other cultural events see greater attendance than ever as francophones across Northern Ontario are introduced to le Carrefour.

Le Carrefour were the first client to trust Bureau with a major branding project. The work we produced with them opened the door to many other francophone clients locally and nationally. With over 80 years of history, their project wasn’t to be taken lightly.

We built a long-term relationship with le Carrefour and were their agency of record from 2009-2013. Our work helped give the Carrefour relevance in the community and exposed them to audiences beyond francophones. Many anglophones and francophiles now know who they are—and even attend their events or utilize their services.

They were our first client to give us full creative freedom, and by allowing us to produce great work, Bureau became a staple in the francophone community and were now seen as a trustworthy, credible, and professional design agency capable of taking care of large branding projects.

We created the initial brand, standards guide, and digital assets, and le Carrefour now have the tools to move forward with a strong visual identity that they can continue to evolve with time, or as their needs change.

After working with the client for 2 years, we were able to hire their Communications Director Christian Pelletier — who handled our francophone business for years and helped bring in more than 40% of Bureau’s business (mostly francophone, arts and entertainment clients).

Le Carrefour was the winner of Sudbury Design Society Good Design Award (2012), which recognizes s commitment to design in the community.

Café Petit Gâteau

Café Petit Gâteau Branding and Website, 2011

Café Petit Gâteau (CPG) is a small coffee and cake shop located in downtown Sudbury, inside the historic flat-iron building at 149 Durham Street. They make fresh espresso, coffee, tea, cupcakes and other tasty treats. Inside their space, you’ll find a perfect mix of Scandinavian design and Japanese detail, furnished with custom cabinetry and furniture from Mjölk.

We approached Café Petit Gâteau when we saw they were moving into the space on a cold winter morning. Owners Yoshi and Derek were immediately responsive to the idea that good marketing and strong design would not only help their business become successful, but that Bureau’s design sense would align perfectly with their ideas for the café.

Over the past few years, Bureau’s work on this project has involved developing the café’s branding, stationery and web presence. Since the business launched, CPG has been growing steadily.

The design brief called for something modern that paid tribute to the vintage signage of Parisian cafés. After researching typography from that era, we were able to piece together letters from old signage which were then customized for CPG to create their logotype.

CPG identified the café’s ideal client as someone who enjoys a morning stroll for coffee, but who looks for something a little richer, more pronounced and more exquisite. The target audience for this project included people who drink coffee and love treats, and who are willing to spend a little extra for them—people who appreciate non-drip coffee, vegan cupcakes, etc.

Working on a small budget meant we needed to be smart about where money was spent—signage was sourced out, and we installed the decals ourselves to trim costs. The project was completed on budget, and the client was very pleased.

With our creative work and their tasty treats, Café Petit Gâteau has been able to differentiate itself and stand out in a town of way-too-many Tim Hortons! All joking aside, they’re a focal point of our downtown and a perfect case study of a successful business in our city.

Although it was a small project for a tiny café, this project is one that we’re most proud of. CPG allowed us to take a design risk and create something special with them—and it paid off big time.

Every time we’re approached to design a restaurant or retail project, it’s usually because the potential client has seen the work we did for CPG.

Café Petit Gâteau were the recipients of the Sudbury Design Society’s Good Design Award in 2015 and were also featured in one of RGD’s newsletters.

Downtown Sudbury BIA

Downtown Sudbury Rebranding and Website, 2013

Why rebrand Downtown Sudbury? To shift the perception.

Downtown is home to over 400 businesses and services as well as residences and over the past 30 years has gained a reputation as an unpopular place to be in the city.

When we conducted research in the community, keyword used to describe Downtown were: boring, lifeless, neglected — but also emerging, transition, rebuilding, artistic, culture, and heritage. We focused our branding efforts on the positive words.

Many people we spoke to hadn’t been Downtown in years — they simply had no reason to visit for anything aside from banking and government meetings. Since Downtown is home to Sudbury’s best dining, arts, and culture, we knew we had to expose what it had to offer to all residents — not just those familiar with the core already and make all of Downtown a destination.

We used the location pin that is often used on maps to illustrate that Downtown is an exciting place to be — a place for you. We modified the usual “eye”, or hole in the pin to subtly represent a “D” for downtown.

During our rebranding phase, over the past year, we’ve helped build a sense of community. We listened to those who were already here, mobilized them, and gave them the proper tools to promote Downtown indirectly through social media and other outlets. Those who were already familiar are now prouder, and those who visited less frequently are now making it a destination.

???The best things in Downtown happen behind closed doors. Our rebrand implemented design that makes visitors and residents open those doors and join the party.

We’ve truly helped change the perception of Downtown. There’s a different feeling when you walk through the streets, due to the ripple effect since the rebranding.

We’ve since become Downtown Sudbury’s agency of record, which has meant a guaranteed $75,000 marketing spend annually for 3 years running. This has allowed us to create great, consistent work over the years.

Downtown Sudbury’s rebranding was the recipient of RGD’s Social Good Design Award this year (government category).

The Municipality of French River

Explore French River Website, 2014

A river of national historic significance, the French River is the first designated Canadian Heritage River.

The Municipality of French River is a vibrant, welcoming and family-based community. With a scenic environment and diversity of culture, this small town is a community of choice for many to live, work, visit and vacation.

We developed a new, modern and responsive website to attract visitors to the French River an encourage visitation to various attractions, businesses and municipal parks. The website was dynamically designed, responsive for mobile and tablet devices, and features a wide array of content from a historic timeline to a listing of all amenities and restaurants in the area.

Since the brand look-and-feel had already been developed, we adhered to the identity already created while designing a website that is both fresh and innovative.

Early in the process, we asked for all of the content types so that we could make informed decisions on the type of page stylings we’d need to create. This made the workflow from client to agency simple—something the client appreciated as it meant we could get to the development stage quicker than usual.

SEO and geotagging were essential for this type of project—we added the proper tags and edited the content to ensure that all proper keywords were in place. We subtly we embedded social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Email) on all relevant pages without overwhelming the user.

Creating a unique tourism website for the French River meant exploring digital territory we were unfamiliar with and mastering it. We used a parallax scrolling effect, played with shapes and typography, and created a wondrous online experience that was satisfying for the users browsing it.

Tourism marketing in Northern Ontario can be quite bland—lots of trees and greenery, photos of snowmobiles, ATVs, etc. The French River allowed us to redefine the Northern Ontario tourism experience online.

The end result has been a truly French River experience—one only the real sights and sounds of the area can beat!

Explore French River was the recipient of the Sudbury Design Society’s SD—A Award in 2014, a finalist in Designedge Canada’s Redgee (Web and Mobile) in 2014, and a Silver winner in the Summit International Awards in 2015.

Science North

Halloween at Dynamic Earth Marketing Campaign, 2014

We became Science North’s Agency of Record for all of their Dynamic Earth (Home of the Big Nickel) marketing in 2014.

We worked closely with their in-house design and marketing team on two large projects throughout 2014-2015. The first of which was “Halloween at Dynamic Earth”, featuring award-winning attraction Pumpkinferno.

Pumpkinferno is an enchanting outdoor exhibit created by Upper Canada Village, featuring thousands of hand-carved pumpkins set against a glowing Sudbury backdrop on the grounds of Dynamic Earth. Each installation, entirely made up of individual fibre pumpkins and internally lit, is a spellbinding display of artistry and imagination.

The tone of our campaign turns the clock back to a less complicated time—a time where pleasures were simple, music was analogue, and artwork was handcrafted. We called the campaign “Woll-o’-the-wisp”. Will-o’-the-wisps are ghost lights seen by travellers at night. They look like flickering lamps and are said to recede if approached, drawing travellers from their safe paths. Will-o’-the-wisps are known by several names, including jack-o’-lantern.

Our creative concept combines this phenomenon with a vintage tone, while tying in elements from the Sudbury landscape.
The artwork highlights Pumpkinferno as the main component of the event, but also hints subtly at The Zombie Tunnel of Terror, a secondary attraction at Halloween at Dynamic Earth as well as the Family Fun Halloween Galleries.

Since 1 ticket price accessed all Halloween experiences, we believe the campaign should adopt the same approach, and market 1 event — Halloween at Dynamic Earth.

Much like a music festival (i.e.: Coachella), Halloween at Dynamic Earth is the festival; Pumpkinferno, The Zombie Tunnel of Terror and Family Fun Halloween Galleries are the headliners.
To compliment this strategy, we chosen a style of artwork that was appropriate for all ages:
• It’s kid-friendly (no blood, guts or gore)
• It’s done in a modern-vintage style that would appeal to teens and young adults (a demographic who love nostalgia)
• It’s refined and clever enough to appeal to adults

We applied the campaign to the following items:
• Rack cards
• Newspaper ads
• Billboard
• Pillowcases (give-away)
• Media Kits
• TV Spot
• Radio Spot
• Digital Assets (Facebook, Twitter, banner ads)

The campaign we developed helped Dynamic Earth reach their goal of attracting 10,000 visitors to the event and has made DE a primary attraction and place to be on Halloween in Northern Ontario.

Becoming Agency of Record for Science North was huge for Bureau. We used the work we created for them as leverage to become AOR for the Art Gallery of Sudbury and Lopes Ltd (a large industrial company).

It also gave us the ability to focus more on a small number of large projects, rather than many small projects which we had done in the past. This has allowed us to refine our creative work, spend more time on conceptualizing, and create the best work possible for our clients.

Halloween at Dynamic Earth won a Bronze in the Summit International Awards in 2015.

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