David and Athena O’Connell

Redgees Legacy Award Winner – Community Leader

BANG! Creative Communications – Ontario Horseshoe (L postal code)

Nominated by: United Way Milton


Summed up by one word: AMAZING! David, Athena and the entire Bang team have done so much for not only United Way Milton (UWM) but the community as a whole. Over the past four years, they have built our brand from the ground up. They took past materials that had a negative connotation and gave them a positive vibe. They are amazing storytellers. There was a focus on content and not adding ad space. We became more visual on the same budget—that was one of the best compliments we received.

We now have a website, posters, ads, brochures and banners (just to name a few) that we are proud of and that people are noticing. And they do all of this pro bono. This is of tremendous value to UWM. Over $50,000 of work every year. They stand next to us in everything we do and support our cause in any way possible. They did a great job of giving our materials a local flavour while staying on national brand.

We would not have been able to grow our campaign without them and for this we are truly grateful. Their community engagement is bar none. They are also supporters of other causes and charities in town. David is on the Board of Directors for the Downtown Business Association and the Chamber of Commerce. There isn’t a fundraiser they don’t attend, even putting on their own for United Way Milton and raising awareness for other community groups. It is important to them to make Milton the best it can be. They are the essence of what makes our community so wonderful. Hats off to them! We are blessed to have them as partners.

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