Judging – 2015

We have received some inquiries about how the entries are judged, how pieces become Finalists, and why some Regions have more or fewer categories in the finalists listings. Please allow us to explain the process for the 2015 judging. To review the judging process for the 2014 Redgees, please see the similar article here.

The 2015 Canadian Regional Design Awards Judging

Entries were divided into their respective Regions. Our judging panel members from across the country were assigned Regions to judge for Round One.

In Round Two, judges were shuffled. (No judge was allowed to judge entries in the Region they are from, in order to remove any potential conflicts.)

All entries were evaluated by at least three judges for each round. The pieces are displayed blind – without the name of the design firm indicated, except in cases where it is essential to understanding the project (self-promo, studio re-brands, etc.), or in cases where the firm’s name is displayed on the project itself and it was deemed too harmful to the overall design to redact it. Judges were also presented with briefs that explain the project’s goals.

In Round One, judges voted for projects that would advance to Round Two based on the following criteria:

  • Originality: Do the methods, designs and strategies employed make this design project unique?
  • Creativity: Does this piece incorporate innovative design solutions?
  • Craftsmanship: Is this piece beautifully designed? Does it adhere to the standard principles of design in such areas as layout, colour selection, print reproduction, user interface and typography?
  • Effectiveness: Does this piece successfully communicate the brand or its intended message?
  • Overall Experience: Is this project a valuable and strategic piece of communication design?

In Round One, majority ruled. If two out of three judges, for example, voted in favour of a project, that project made it to Round Two as a Finalist.

In Round Two, judges scored Finalists on a scale from 1-10 based on the same criteria as above. Average scores were calculated and projects with the highest average scores in a category were deemed Category Winners for that Region.

In each Region, the entry with the highest final score across all categories won the Best of Region Award. The second highest total score* in each Region won the Regional Honourable Mention Award.

(*As such, regional Honourable Mentions may not be Category Winners if both of the Region’s highest scoring projects come from the same category.)

Ties were broken by judges’ votes. Tie-breaker judging panels were comprised of:

  1. A quorum of judges (at least three judges for a two-way tie) from outside the Region,
  2. Judges that had not previously evaluated that region.

In cases where those criteria did not result in a panel with the right number of judges to ensure a broken tie, judges were added who had previously evaluated the Region in Round One but not in Round Two.

Category Winners, Regional Honourable Mention and Best of Region Awards are/were announced at the Redgee Awards Party in Toronto on April 20th, 2015.

Please keep an eye on the Homepage for details on future editions of the Redgees.

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